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Every year big data becomes an increasingly powerful force. The world is driven by the constant influx of new data. What this means for 2019 is that certain trends will shape the outlook for the year.

One of the biggest trends of the year is predictive analytics. This is what retailers use to customize a customer’s shopping experience. By doing so, they can attract new customers and retain the ones that have already given them business.¬†Predictive analysis also facilitates the influx of data across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, finance, and health care.

As a result, many companies are now appointing a Chief of Data Officer. This individual is responsible for the financial aspects of a company. A Chief of Data Officer (CDA) will manage and analyze all of a company’s data so it can be used to the company’s full advantage. The cleaning and visualization of data is one of the main tasks a CDA is responsible for. Intelligence insights are studied and used in beneficial ways.

Another emerging trend is dark data. Dark data will be changing the business work immensely throughout 2019. When a company has data they have left largely unexplored, they leave themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks and other security risks. This leads to the presence of data that hasn’t been properly used and analyzed. 2019 calls for businesses to be aware of the dark data that is accessible through the Internet.

The Internet of Things, or IOT, is impacting 2019 in a big way. By the end of next year, the expectation is that it will be valued at $300 billion. This means that every business will have to focus more heavily on relevant data. By using appropriate data points, companies will have much more insight into the data their business depends on to be successful.

Open source software has already been a focus, but will become even more so in 2019. As a growing number of software tools are made available, cloud computing is making them accessible to everyone. Open source software will continue to gain popularity throughout the year. Smaller startups and already established companies are set to benefit the most from this trend.

Predictive analysis, dark data, IOT, and open source software are only a few of the data trends that will shape 2019. As the world of big data continues¬†to grow, we will find new ways to use and leverage data for everyone’s benefit.