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Vincent Granville

Pioneering Data Scientist, Mathematician, Managing Partner

Vincent Granville is an unparalleled innovator in data analysis, mathematical concepts, and business consulting. Dedicated to efficiency and eager to rethink traditional methods of statistical analysis, he founded multiple firms in no time, became a recognized published author, and solves data issues both quickly and creatively. Fueled by his enthusiasm for mathematical solutions to business-related problems, Vincent Granville has even developed his own analysis mechanisms, and holds three patents.

In 1993, Granville graduated Summa Cum Laude from Namur University in Belgium with his PhD in Mathematics and Statistics. Directly following his graduation, Vincent Granville moved on to continue his studies at Cambridge University, where he finished his Postdoctoral research in Statistics in 1996. Swiftly moving into the workforce to put his efficiency and creativity to use, Granville started work as a Senior Statistician at CNET upon his graduation. Moving on, he employed his technique at Visa, Wells Fargo, and finally InfoSpace where he served as the Click Fraud Expert. In 2010, Granville took on the immense role as Chief Scientist at LookSmart, specializing in pattern recognition and analysis.

Vincent Granville has a knack for working within a team, as a sharer of ideas and a quick learner. He also, however, has impressive agility as a CEO and independent thinker. In 2006, Granville founded his first firm Data Shaping Solutions LLC, which is thriving today. Serving Visa and eBay, the company assists startups and clients like Visa and eBay in using the most up-to-date data analysis strategies, and offers training in monetization and marketing research. The company also serves as a think-tank and space for research in entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2006, Granville also founded Authenticlick to work with search engines, statistical algorithms, and advertisement. Finally, in 2012, he co-founded media and data analytics company Data Science Central, which handles digital publishing and statistical analysis.

Fittingly, Granville has developed his own data analysis mechanisms, such as “hidden decision trees” which prevent fraud, and Jackknife Regression for automated data processing.

Fluent in both English and French, a regular blogger on new data concepts, and accustomed to working with both start-ups and big businesses, Vincent Granville is a naturally creative thinker, a skilled mathematician, and business-owner. Perhaps his most valuable quality is his undeniable drive to rethink even the most accepted theories, to reconstruct them for efficiency, and to assist business with personalized rather than traditional marketing strategies.

Granville’s groundbreaking discoveries, articles, and analysis mechanisms are only the beginning.

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